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Apart from the core activities of the company which revolve around the Aviation Business, IWS also currently makes a remarkable progress with another business regarding Electric Vehicle (EV).

In present days, a resurgence of EVs has been jumped up due to a fast technology development, renewable energy and the potential reduction of transportation's impact on environmental issues. Furthermore, EVs can also be described as one of the best contemporary solutions for addressing climate change.

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Driving is the way of Thinking

We're changing the way world thinks about cars

Sustainability Initiative for Public Benefits


We hope to make the world a better place through sustainable technology

We prioritize renewable energy benefits and cost-effective resources

We choose practical and suitable equipment for public use


1. Partner with MG Thailand Company (EVs): Charging Station Management.

2. Collaboration with Haup Car Company (Thailand Car Sharing Platform): Cooperation for fleet service.

3. Aim to corporation with PTT (NGV) and MG: Plan to rearrange existing gas stations (around 500 stations) into EVs Charging Station.

4. EVs and Charging technology collaboration


Futuristic Car


Following the government’s policy,

Our Chairman and CEO,

Mr. Pinai Puangmanee, foresees tremendous opportunities in EVs project. The prominent barrier in the roadmap is limited public charging infrastructure. These findings are keys to delivering EV promises in Thailand.


IWS aims to promote the uptake and usage of Electric Cars in Thailand following the government EVs policy by taking part in the Charging Station Section, in terms of Management, Operation and Installation. We currently partner with EVs company: MG Cars and Evolve Automotive to operate EVs charging station in Thailand and Overseas.

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